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Every time we learn something new, we develop our ability to critical thinking. Past events teach us about the triggers, influences and results of our thoughts and actions. This knowledge enables us to adopt a different perspective, and to discern the current state from the context. This process also occurs in the collective memories of societies. Archaeology studies human processes of actions and results that happened a long time ago. In the past, there have been a few people who were able to inspire themselves and other people to make a change in these processes in order to grow and to survive. These people were influential leaders who had the right leadership skills and values to see opportunities to develop success for the group that they affiliated with.

In sharing inspirational stories from the past, we can find a different angle to face a challenge. This can be a personal challenge, but also a business challenge as decision making, team building, networking, and communicating. The aim of my presentations is to inspire people and companies in facing new challenges, with specific goals and strategies that were used by famous leaders in the past, like Julius Caesar, Cleopatra and Alexander the Great.

Julius Caesar is well known because of his historical accounts on Gaul and the Julian Calender, but most of all he was an expert in change management. He transformed the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire. With that, he had to solve a financial crisis that was threatening Rome, in the aftermath of a disrupting civil war.

Cleopatra VII of Egypt was a young girl when she became the last Pharao of Ptolemaic Egypt, the last descendant from the family of Alexander the Great. She inherited an antique world that was further back in time to her, than Cleopatra is to modern day. Still, her social networking resulted in reinstalling ancient Egyptian traditions to legitimize her power as a pharaoh and as a woman in a by men dominated society.

Alexander the Great was a man with a vision to conquer the then-known world and create a Pan Hellenic society with one law, one coin and one king. He was an innovator in military strategy, management, politics and PR. He truly was the greatest leader of all time. Alexander conquered an empire so big, that his successors could not consolidate the power that Alexander gained so well.

The topics that I address in my talks are

Core values of Leadership

The importance of a Vision

Concepts of Balance

Decision Making

Communication and Motivation

Change management and Solving Crises

Triangles of Transformational Leadership


Networking and Teambuilding

Leadership versus Management

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