Antiquities Consulting

When forming and enlarging a collection of antiquities, the most important issue is establishing the authenticity and provenance. Over the years, I have been contacted by private collectors and institutions to valuate and authenticate their collection, specifically in the field of the Ancient Near East. In a broad sense this spans Anatolia, the Holy Land, the Levant, Egypt and Mesopotamia. In a rare case, a careful sidestep can be made to the Classical World, consisting of Ancient Greek and Roman art. For a requested valuation beyond the reach of my expertise, I can appoint an expert in my network to assist you when desired.

Free initial estimate per object from a digital image.
Researching high value and rare objects, resulting in a written and    illustrated report, honorary fee is  by the hour.
Searching and acquiring a desired artifacts for client’s collection, honorary fee is to be negotiated. Client has to take into account possible travel costs, import/ export tax, and risk insurances.

When a client desires the services of Ancient Artifacts to assist in offering the client’s collection or parts of a collection for sale, with the client retaining legal ownership until the artifacts are sold.
Ancient Artifacts will assist in finding interested buyers for your collection, by networking and marketing your artifacts.
The consigned objects will be agreed on in price, quantity and quality. The client receives a written statement from Ancient Artifacts in regard to the agreement of consignation, and the percentage of commission.